IEL -- The Heart of Learning & Action Networks: Celebrating 40 Years! (1964-2004)

The year 2004 marked the 40th anniversary of the launch of IEL's flagship program, now known as the Education Policy Fellowship Program (EPFP). While IEL's role in addressing America's education issues and its reach have grown substantially over the past 43 years, its core concern remains the same -- achieving better education and futures for all of America's children and youth. To read more about IEL's background story as well as our present expanded program, read our brief history, IEL at 40: Passing the Test of Time.

In celebration of IEL/EPFP's 40th anniversary during 2004, the following individual EPFP alumni, as well as foundation and corporate donors and other individuals, made contributions to help support IEL's continuing role in the development and support of future leaders for learning. Contact Marty Blank, President, IEL to learn how you, too, can make a donation to IEL. The following contributors have given their express permission to be listed; the following list, therefore, should not be considered all-inclusive.

Charter Donors*

(*Donors who made a substantial gift over two years to IEL for its 40th Anniversary)

Karen  Davison Blazey
Mark L. Blazey
Elizabeth L. Hale
John R. Harter
Norbert S. Hill
Claudia M. James
Suzanne Langston Juday

Regan C. Kenyon
Kenneth C. Kochey
John R. Purcell
Arthur L. Safer
Daniel W. Schultz
Naida C. Tushnet
Michael D. Usdan


Annual Fund Donors

Clifford Adelman
Mary Frances Archey
Daniel M. Barber
H. Wayne Bare
John R. Bender
Ann Berg
Jill Berman
Louise S. Berry
Walker Beverly
Phyllis Reid Blaunstein
Deborah H. B. Borton
Beatrice V. Brennan
Martine Brizius
Johnny E. Brown
Diane Brundage-Ray
Karen S. Buchanan
Dennis J. Buhr
Ronald D. Burge
Robert Burkhardt
Sandra M. Byrne
Walker E. Campbell, Jr.
Marie Canny
Barbara Carlisle
M. Betty Wiseman Clegg
Michael G. Cohan
Margaret F. Cohn
Barbara Contrera
Gretel L. Cote
Jan Coulton
Janet H. Crotts
Jo Ann M. Day
Chris Dede
Barbara S. Devlin
Benjamin Dixon
Joseph S. Drew
Frederick S. Edelstein
Penelope Engel
Louis M. Fabrizio
Patricia A. Farrell
Benjamin A. Foster
Mark Freeman
Sandra C. Garcia
Russell Y. Garth
Yvette Geary
Mark D. Gittleman
Lynne Glassman
Delores P. Graham
John H. Green
Tito Guerrero III
Leonard L. Haynes
Norbert Seabrook Hill
Betty R. Hinkle
Deborah L. Hyatt
Claudia M. James
Oliver C. Johnson
Michael B. Kane
Brian M. Kanes
George Kaplan
Bela W. J. Clark Klarik

Nancy K. Klein
A. Thel Kocher
Kenneth C. Kochey
Arthur F. Koga
Edward P. Korza, Jr.
Crystal Arlene Kuykendall
Sandra Loewenstein
Dan Loritz
Lockheed Martin Foundation
(Adrienne) Lorri Manasse
Barbara McCloud
Darrell V. McGraw, Jr.
Rachel Moreno-Delcamp
Gilberto Moreno-Rodriguez
Patricia M. Mostue
Mildred I. Mueller
Van D. Mueller
Frederick V. Mulhauser
Sandra L. Feeley Myrand
Bonita Dostel Neff
Richard A. Nurse
Sally J. Oleon
Linda C. Owens
J. Tim Parsons
Jerry O. Payne
Eugene T. Paslov
Michael A. Pearson
Aurelio Ben Perez
A. Ray Petty
Proctor & Gamble Fund
Diane Ray
Gary E. Rizzo
Linda G. Roberts
Sandra F. Robinson
Kathleen D. Rockwood
Maryanne Roesch
Stuart A. Ross
L. Arthur Safer
Louis R. Santiago
John A. Savage
Elizabeth M. Schmitt
Edward Louis Schmitt
Guy M. Sconzo
Patricia A. Scully
Lois E. Sharpe
Sarah Ellen Shumate
Mutsuko Tanouchi Stein
Nicole Suozzi
Susan Swayze
Gail I. Tanzman
Carolyn Trice
Calanthia Tucker
Naida C. Tushnet
Walter E. Varner
Davi Walders
Debra D. Wiley
Cheryl H. Wilhoyte
William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund
David J. Wood