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Parents & Teachers #PTchat on Twitter, Wednesdays @ 9PM ESTParent Teacher Chat (#PTchat) is a social media professional development conversation that enables parents, family engagement practitioners, teachers and others to develop new and innovative approaches to partnerships. It happens on the social media network Twitter. (Learn how to participate in a hashtag chat.)

For 50 years, the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) has worked with leaders to support the needs of young people and their families. IEL has developed and works regularly with a growing network of over 100 school district Family & Community Engagement (FCE) leaders. Additionally, IEL works with teacher leaders, parent advocates and a broad-based group of community partners to improve FCE as a key strategy to improve teacher quality. IEL wil provide content to #PTChat and link this social media platform to our national network of family engagement practitioners.

Upcoming #PTchats

  • 11/5/2014 - Holidays in Schools
  • 11/12/2014 - Starting a Parent/Teacher Twitter Chat
  • 11/19/2014 - Engaging Families Through Before/After Care
  • 11/26/2014 - Open Mic Night
  • 12/3/2014 - Humor in Schools
  • 12/10/2014 - Parents and Teachers as School Lead Dreamers

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